Saturday, March 23, 2013


On behalf of my amazing colleagues, we welcome you to our website, a window that lets you see deep into the heart and soul of the most passionate fluid power training company in the world. Our site will show you what a handful of people can achieve when they have a common goal – give students the knowledge they need to become brilliant fluid power technicians. However, to create brilliant fluid power technicians you need exceptional teachers. Ask any student what their definition of an exceptional teacher is, and the answer will be unanimous - “Knowledge alone does not an exceptional teacher make. The ability to impart that knowledge is what makes a teacher exceptional.”
I am Rory McLaren, FPTI™’s founder, director, and chief designer. These are titles I earned by co-incidence. However, there is one title that defines my true profession, and certainly, the one of which I am most proud, and that’s “teacher.” Even though we have built an impressive organization, you won’t find me sitting in an office. You will either find me in a classroom, teaching students, or in a Train-the-Trainer workshop teaching my colleagues.
What you will find truly amazing about our company is that it was literally built in a classroom. Every, training system, PowerPoint™ slide, textbook, DVD, cutaway model, graphic, animation: absolutely everything, came from my profound desire to impart knowledge about fluid power in a manner that made it possible for every student to understand.